Production of valves and gaskets for air compressors

We began to produce repair kits for air compressors over 15 years ago. Other products that we started to produce were gaskets and assembly kits for turbochargers.

The repair kits which we produce include gaskets and sealing, valves and bearing bushes.

The combination of about 15-year-long practical experience which we gained during repairs of air compressors and the use of only high quality materials in production has given a great reputation to our products among the customers both in Poland and abroad.

All types of gaskets produced by us are made of approved materials from renowned Polish and European producers. A special silicone coat which we apply on the gaskets guarantees a tight sealing. In the production of valves we use Swedish steel from SANDVIK, the world leading manufacturer of steel products and tools.

We keep extending our offer of repair kits to include new products–adding them to the Sales Offer.
Currently we offer the biggest in Poland range of repair kits and valves for air compressors. It is readily available for sale directly from our stock.

NOTE! We also produce gaskets for individual orders on the basis of submitted drawings and templates.

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