repair of turbochargers

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Repair of turbochargers

Repairing turbochargers has been one of the services provided by us since the very beginning of our operations in 1990. We were one of the first companies in Poland to repair turbochargers.

We are authorized by HOLSET to repair and rebuild turbochargers.

Always before a decision is made to repair a turbocharger we determine the cause of its failure or defective work, very often without the need to remove it from the engine. The symptoms, such as decrease in engine power, excessive smoke from the exhaust system, noise, oil in the ducts, etc. are not necessarily caused by turbocharger defects.  

We have experience gained over many years of practice in finding the cause of those failures, which is much more difficult that the turbocharger repair itself. It is very important to precisely and correctly fit the turbocharger in the engine and prepare the proper conditions for its operation. This applies to both new and repaired turbocharger.  

After repair the correct operation of turbocharger is tested in testing stations and after they are installed in the car. We provide our customers with processional advice on the use of cars with turbochargers:

  • we select the right engine oil
  • we exchange oils and filters
  • we remove and install the turbocharger
  • we remove other defects causing incorrect work of even fully operational turbochargers
  • we perform engine computer diagnostics.

We give a 12-month’s warranty for repaired turbochargers.
We dynamically balance the rotating components of turbochargers in two stages with the use of specialist equipment. 

Stage I   - balancing of the rotating system in the bearings of the balancing machine
Stage II  - precise balancing of the rotating system in the bearings of the turbocharger
The final stage is testing and tuning in of the variable geometry turbocharger.

During the repair of turbochargers we use high class balancing machines by CIMAT Sp. z o.o. from Bydgoszcz-Poland.

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