vibro-abrasion treatment (surface finishing)

Vibro-abrasion treatment (surface finishing)

Vibro-abrasion treatment (surface finishing) is a kind of surface machining conducted in loose abrasive material. Its objective is:

  • to smooth the sharp edges - deburring
  • to remove scale
  • to reduce surface roughness
  • to provide a uniform external structure of workpieces
  • to prepare the surface of workpieces for galvanizing
  • to polish the surface

The vibro-abrasive treatment is performed wet or dry by placing the workpieces in tumblers/barrels with proper abrasive material, depending on the machining intensity, such as:

  •  ceramic abrasives
  •  metal abrasives
  •  resin abrasives
  •  glass abrasives
  •  wood abrasives

Water based liquid lubricants are also used in the process to facilitate the treatment. Because of the planetary and vibratory movements the abrasive material is constantly mixed with workpieces whose surface irregularities are abraded. After the workpieces are separated from abrasive material they can be dried with the use of plant granules in a special vibratory dryer to remove stains and runs from the workpieces and they are polished.

Abrasive material                                                                                        Workpieces after treatment


We perform the surface finishing in barrels of the capacity of 125, 250 and 800 liters which can fit the workpieces as long as cir. 50 cm. The preparation of the optimum machining process is connected with conducting tests which should give satisfactory results for the customer.

During the tests the following are selected:

  •  abrasive material (grinding and/or polishing)
  •  machining liquid lubricants and/or pastes
  •  treatment duration
  •  adequate proportion of abrasive material and workpieces
  •  separation duration and method (separation of abrasive material from workpieces)
  •  type of drying granulates

With carefully prepared tests it is possible to agree the price of the service satisfactory for both parties.

ISO 9001-2008 quality management system.

We are happy to inform our current and future customers that we have implemented the quality management system in compliance with ISO 9001-2008 in the scope of vibro-abrasive machining.  
The recertification audit was conducted by DNV GL Business Assurance Poland.

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